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New Dining Room Art by Local Artist Michael McKee

New Dining Room Art by Local Artist Michael McKee
Chef Robert - Thu Jan 19, 2012 @ 04:16PM
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I have been so pleased with the beauty of my Dining Room due to the vibrant colors of the pictures by our local professional photographer, Louis Jawitz. His works have added to the great atmosphere enjoyed by all of our guests so far. You can still purchase any of the pieces that you had admired by calling Lou at 212-929-0009.

I am equally delighted to announce that we will be beginning an entirely new exhibit by local Mountaindale artist, Michael McKee. He will begin hanging his work tomorrow before we open so that you may have a sneak preview if you stop in for our Friday evening Taste of Spain menu. We will be announcing the official Arist's Reception very soon.

Moydans Chair

Comments: 61


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