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Zen in the Streets of New York City

Zen in the Streets of New York City
Chef Robert - Mon Mar 26, 2012 @ 05:55PM
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We are all very thrilled with the new art exhibit in our dining room for the next month.  It is entitled, "Solitude in New York City," and it includes a very unique perpective of the city so nice that they named it twice. The artist is Virgelio "Billy" Carpio and we will be very pleased to honor his work with an Artist's Reception for him on Saturday, April 7th from 2 to 4PM in our dining room. He is the talented photographer who provided the wonderful photo of our dining room to the left.

Billy has been photographing NYC since 2009. He uses HDR (high dynamic range) processing, a digital photography technique used for balancing lighting in high contrast scenes. He hopes that through his photos you will experience a unique New York City, one that is devoid of crowds save for that solitary figure in a seemingly Zen-like state.   We think that We  We hope We hope that you enjoy his work so much that you wish to linger longer over your meal to savor every bite.


Comments: 53


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