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Uccelli Restaurant exterior.jpgAutumn News

The weather has turned a bit cooler in Mountaindale and the leaves have slowly begun to drop off the trees. We are now closed for lunch under our Fall/Winter schedule. However, we will continue to be open on Tuesdays. If you are in the neighborhood around lunchtime, we recommend a visit to the Mountain Charm Market Cafe & Deli right next door.

I sincerely hope you will stop in to enjoy our new featured dinner dishes, which include some of my favorite recipes from Italy as well as some popular local treats. There is enough variety for you to come back again and again, without having the same meal twice!

Deck.jpgI have also set up outdoor seating so you can enjoy your meal outside while it is still pleasant in Mountaindale. Our staff will gladly serve  your meal al fresco.

Our dessert menu now includes luscious treats delivered fresh by the wonderful local bakers at Phyllis & Maris Bakery. I will also be brewing fresh coffee, teas, Espresso and  Cappuccinos to further enhance your dining experience.

About Us

My name is Chef Robert Uccelli, and I am the owner of a family style restaurant here in the hamlet of Mountaindale. Being in the food and restaurant business is not new to me, my first place being the Uccelli Restaurant in Williamsburg, NY that I opened up ten plus years ago soon after I graduated from “New York Culinary Arts School at Star Career Academy” in New York City.

IMG_6496.jpgPhotography by Suzanne Gold

For almost as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with food and the preparation of it.  Some of my fondest memories from my youth in Northern Italy (Florence) revolve around our family kitchen, watching my mother create beautiful dishes for myself and the rest of the family.  When I immigrated to America back in 1986 my first job in the food industry was as a busboy, and I have steadily worked my way up in the Food Service Industry from there to finally realizing my own “American Dream” with the opening of that first restaurant all those years ago.

Uccelli Restaurant has gone through changes, moving to a new location in Hurleyville NY where I had quite a loyal following until tragedy struck in the way of a fire that destroyed the building.  In America it is said when you fall down, you pick yourself up, dust off and get back in the race...well, I am pleased to announce that Uccelli Restaurant is back, in the race, and excited about opening up in our new location here in Mountaindale.

Please join me for dinner at Uccelli Restaurant, sample our 20 plus pasta entrees, some great vegetarian dishes, as well as an array of treats from both land and sea.  I look forward to  catering to all your needs, making your  time at Uccelli Restaurant entertaining and memorable.


Chef Robert







Winner of The River Reporter Readers' Choice Award for Best Family Restaurant of 2011


Try Our Northern Italian Pasta Dishes

img_1191632632664_91.jpgNothing says Italy like pasta, and Uccelli Restaurant is proud to offer a selection of 18 different pasta dishes from Northern Italy every day of the week.


Wednesday & Thursday Pasta Specials - 2 can dine from our special Pasta Menu for $19.95 


Paella & Tapas offered Nightly 

Due to the popular demand of our famous Taste of Spain Menu our specialty Tapas and Paella dishes have become a part of our regular nightly menu. Pizza_SLice_Clean.jpg

From The Oven...Try Our Fresh Baked Pizza Pies

Eat in, or call ahead and take out, our fresh baked specialty pizza is a perfect recipe for those nights when you don't want to cook.  Order one of our gourmet pies, or design your own. Perfect for parties or that Sunday afternoon football game.

Artist Program

Uccelli Restaurant supports the arts, and emerging artists.  If you are a local (Hudson River Valley) artist producing two dimentional wall art, and would like your work hanging the restaurant, please contact Chef Robert.

All artists selected will receive an Artist's Opening, your work will hang in the restaurant for 4-6 weeks, and there is no commission on sales.

Chef Robert    (845) 434-4447