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Early Bird Dinner Menu

Served from 3 to 6PM Tuesday thru Thursday


Entrees served with lovely warm bread

Pasta Alfredo  With parmesan cheese & egg in a cream sauce

Pasta Puttanesca  Fresh tomatoes with garlic, onions and capers

Penne Alla Vodka Penne with delicate cream sauce & vodka

Pasta Bolognese  A classic hearty meat sauceKitchen.jpg

Meatballs  Homemade meatballs in our homemade sauce

Pasta Carbonara  A hearty cream sauce with egg, bacon, peas and cheese

Chicken Cacciatore  Sliced chicken in wine, mushrooms & tomato sauce

Chicken Parmesan  Melted cheese over red sauce

Eggplant Parmesan  Melted cheese over red sauce

Chicken Scampi Sliced chicken breast in our homemade scampi sauce