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Uccelli Pasta Entrees

~ Penne, Linguini, Fettuccini or Wheat ~

Pasta With Vegetables 

Tomatoe2.jpgTry one of Chef Robert's vegetarian style pasta dishes. Select your choice of pasta, and allow us to saute a delicious, healthy meal with the freshest of vegetables.

Pasta with Vegetables with Chicken add $2.00 and Shrimp add $3.00

Fettucini Alfredo $14.95  Pasta in butter sauce with parmesan, mushrooms and cream

Pasta Primavera  $13.95  Fresh mixed vegetables over pasta

Pasta with Broccoli or Spinach $13.95  Your choice in scampi sauce

Artichoke Pasta $13.95  Fresh artichokes with olive, garlic, green peas in cream sauce

Pasta with Portobello Mushrooms $14.95  With bacon & peas in pink sauce

Pasta Puttanesca $13.95  Fresh tomatoes, garlic, olives, onions & capers in pink sauce

Pasta al Forno $13.95  Italian style baked ziti

Pasta Zingara $13.95  With green peas, mushrooms & basil in garlic sauce

Pasta Arrabita $13.95  Fresh tomatoes & garlic, onions, black olives in red sauce

Fork_with_spaghetti.pngPasta with Meat

Pasta Bolognese $14.95  A hearty meat sauce with herbs and spices

Pasta Carbonara $14.95  Bacon, onions in creamy Alfredo sauce

Pasta with Sausages $14.95  With mushrooms in pink sauce

Pasta Mama Dora $14.95  Old fashioned sauce with meatballs & sausage

Polpette Pasta $14.95  Our homemade meatballs in marinara sauce

Pasta Emiliana $14.95  Meat sauce with a touch of mascarpone cheese

Pasta with Chicken

Pasta Salsa Rosatta $14.95  With bacon, mushrooms and peas in pink sauce

Pasta with Rosemary Chicken $14.95  With basil in lemon sauce

Pasta with Chicken Scampi Sauce $14.95

Pasta Pesto with Chicken $14.95  In homemade pesto sauce

Pasta with Seafood

Pasta all Vongole $16.95  With fresh Clams in choice of red or scampi saucePasta.jpg

Pasta with Shrimp Scampi Sauce $16.95

Pasta with Mussels $15.95  Freshmussels in choice red sauce or scampi sauce

Calamari Florentina $16.95  With spinach, fresh tomatoes and capers in pink sauce

Marie Monte $18.95  Shrimp, Clams, Calamari & mixed vegetables in scampi sauce

Che Bella $19.95  Shrimp, Chicken, Sausage and Meatballs in pink sauce

Pasta Pescatori $19.95  Mixed Seafood in choice red sauce or scampi sauce

Louisiana-style combo Chicken & Shrimp $18.95